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Modular Components National is a manufacturer of printed microwave circuit boards. Serving government and commercial RF customers since 1981, MCN offers endless industry specific microwave products built to exceptional standards.

Our Business

Modular Components National has been serving the RF and Microwave Industry since 1981, specializing in the manufacturing of PTFE substrates. MCN specializes in high reliability and tight tolerence microwave circuit boards for the Defense, Aerospace, Telecommunications, and Medical Markets. Our experience with materials from Arlon, Rogers, and Taconic in RF, Microwave, and Millimeter Wave applications presents our customers superior products with innovative solutions to their design requirements.


For over 35 years, MCN has specialized in the fabrication of RF and microwave printed circuitry. MCN has developed proprietary processes designed to meet the demanding requirements of military and aerospace applications. We invite any potential business partners to check out our comprehensive design and comparison guides.


Modular Components National takes pride in the integrity and quality of it's business practices. Consistently, we strive to operate at levels above industry standards, and maintain several prestigous certifications. We are proud to hold certifications in AS 9100D & ITAR

Questions About Materials?

Board Construction Options

Board construction generally includes standard single and double sided, single sided with pre or post bonded metal cladding, mixed dielectric multilayers, PTFE multilayers, and metal core multilayers.

Single/Double Sided Circuits

Thickness availabilities from .002" to .250". Laser routing for thin dielectrics with complex profiles and tight circuit edging requriements. Consistent development with wire-bondable gold applications.

Metal Backed Circuits

Attachment options available include fusion bonding, fabrication, and post fabrication. Most fusion bonding is assisted with material work from Tatonic, Rogers, and Arlon. Our metal backed circuits reduce waste, improve RF grounding, expand normal temperature ranges, and more.


Full PTFE and mixed dielectric construction available, generally completed with FR-4 and microwave laminate. MCN offers embedded copper heat sink cores and thermoclastic bond films (including FEP lamination.) We strive to keep core thickness as thin as .005".

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